All-Natural Dog Wash

All-Natural Dog Wash

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All natural shampoo for an all natural dog! Our Hypo Allergenic Dog Shampoo cleans and hydrates the skin of even your most sensitive pooch! Our cleanser will not only rejuvenate your pup, but it will also keep their skin hydrated and smooth. No dandruff spotted here!

Barkley & Pawsh Hypo Allergenic Dog Shampoo addresses these common issues:
- Dry Skin
- Dull Coat
- Fungus and bacteria on the fur and skin
- Smelly, dirty pup
- Soothe cuts and wounds
- Fleas and ticks
- The need for your dog to feel loved and pampered

- Oatmeal- Prevents dry skin and soothes common dog allergy symptoms.
- Coconut Oil- Helps heal cuts and wounds. Leaves coat shiny and smooth. 
- Natural Repellent- Safe deterrent against fleas and ticks. Speeds healing and relieves bug bites.
- Natural Fungicide- Helps fight against skin bacteria and fungal infections. 
- Restores Coat- Unclogs hair follicles. Clings to the hair shaft to give a longer lasting shine. 


We only want the best for your pup pal, so we never add in any ingredient that may be harmful or unhealthy for them. We craft our shampoo with only the highest quality nutrients so your dog's skin and fur stays cleaner longer. Our never ending search for all-natural and pure components is sure to keep your pooch chasing that favorite toy of theirs' with a healthy coat. 
Shake well, apply a generous amount to your dog's fur, and scrub a dub. Avoid contact with eyes. This shampoo is only intended for fur and skin use. If eye contact does occur rinse with clean water. Use as needed to keep a clean pup!

Use the drop down menu above to choose from two sizes (4fl oz or 16fl oz) We also have a 3 month supply of dog wash available if you want to stock up.

*Although number of washes from each bottle will vary greatly based on the size of your dog and number of outdoor adventures, generally our 16fl oz bottle is plenty to keep even the largest dog clean for about a month.



"I cannot believe how incredible Jupiter's coat looks and how good she smells! Her white fur is brighter than ever before and her black fur is sleek and unbelievably shiny!" - Jupiter Jones.

"Olive ended up with a soft coat and smelling good with no need of conditioning. With just the shampoo I saw how fast her yucky tear stains were removed. [From] now on this will be Olive's shampoo and we totally recommend it." - Olive Sofia the Lil Pom Pom.

"We LOVED our new shampoo...Not only is it great for Brody's sensitive skin, it smells amazing." -Lacey

"This stuff managed to get the kennel smell out of Mako which is no easy task. It lathers easily and rinses out quick which is important. Even better, it smells AWESOME and left him feeling super soft." -Riley and Mako

"This shampoo makes us smell great and feel squeaky clean. We love all-natural products!" -Raphael the Pug

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