Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo

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All-natural dry shampoo for an all-natural dog! Our Dry Shampoo cleans their fur without the mess of a bath. Dry Shampoo is a safe alternative to a normal bath. Keep your pups natural oils when using Dry Shampoo to encourage growth and health of their coat. Bathing your fur friend with soap and water too much can damage their coat. Use our Dry Shampoo as needed for to protect their coat and enjoy a fresh smelling pooch.

Barkley & Pawsh Dry Shampoo addresses these common issues:
- Dry Skin
- Dull Coat
- Fungus and bacteria on the fur and skin
- Smelly, dirty pup
- Bug Repellent
- The need for your dog to feel loved and pampered

- Powder - Retains natural oils to encourage healthy skin and coat.
- Natural Fungicide - Helps fight against skin bacteria and fungal infections. 
- Restores Coat- Unclogs hair follicles. Clings to the hair shaft to give a longer lasting shine. 
- Calming - Scents for soothing stress and anxiety.
Repellent - Naturally guards against mosquitoes and fleas.


We only want the best for your pup pal, so we never add in any ingredient that may be harmful or unhealthy for them. We craft our dry shampoo with only the highest quality nutrients so your dog's skin and fur stays cleaner longer. Our never ending search for all-natural and pure components is sure to keep your pooch chasing that favorite toy of theirs' with a healthy coat. 
Begin by brushing out your dog’s coat to remove excess dirt. Sprinkle a small amount onto their fur. Using your fingers or a rubber brush massage the mixture into their coat. Let it sit for 3-5 minutes depending on thickness and dirtiness of their coat. Remove by brushing out the excess or gently vacuuming their fur.

*Although number of washes from each bottle will vary greatly based on the size of your dog and number of outdoor adventures, generally our 3.7 oz bottle is plenty to keep even the largest dog clean for about a month.



“We use Barkley & Pawsh Shampoo, but we were very excited to have the option of Dry Shampoo as well. Our pup hates bath time and gets stinky very quickly. We use the Dry Shampoo and a little goes a long way. Not mention he smells AMAZING” – Mr Beau Boxer

“This Dry Shampoo is easy to use and my dog doesn’t seem to mind it. He actually likes the rubbing from massaging it into his fur.” –Leo the Pug.