Healing Paw Balm

Healing Paw Balm

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Healing Paw Balm for those dry, cracked dog paws! Moisturize and replenish your dog's pads and provide a barrier against the harsh ground environment, whether that be hot, icy, or wet this Paw Balm is a better alternative to dog booties.

Barkley & Pawsh Healing Paw Balm addresses these common issues:
- Dry and Chapped Paws
- Cracking and Peeling
- Fungus and bacteria 
- Soothe cuts and wounds
- Paw allergy symptoms
- Protection against extreme weather conditions
- The need for your dog to feel loved and pampered

- Coconut Oil - Helps heal cuts and wounds. Leaves paws shiny and smooth. 
- Soothing - Softens and rejuvenates dry skin. 
- Healing - Promotes natural self healing within the skin. Inhibits a speedy recovery. 
- Restores - Unclogs pores to encourage shine and skin elasticity.
- Protects - Creates a barrier between the pad and the harsh environment. 

We only want the best for your pup pal, so we never add in any ingredient that may be harmful or unhealthy for them. We craft our Healing Paw Balm with only the highest quality of nutrients. Our never ending search for all-natural and pure components is sure to keep your pooch chasing that favorite toy of theirs' with soft and healthy pads. 
Apply straight from the 4oz jar or use your fingers to apply directly to the effected pad, and allow time for it to absorb into the pad for a minute or so. For best results apply at least once per day to protect and nourish your dog's paws.

*Although number of uses will depend on the condition of your pups paws and the amount of outdoor adventures you have, one 4 oz jar lasts about 4 months even for the largest dog. You can also purchase our dog balm bundle if your dog has a dry snout, which includes both a paw and snout treatment.



 "We live in an area in Canada that uses plenty of road salt. I like the healing Paw Balm from Barkley and Pawsh. Chevy had dry and cracking paw pads, but after a few applications of this all-natural balm I already see a large improvement." -GSD Chevy

"...Pampered today! Love my new Healing Paw Balm from Barkley & Pawsh." -Adventures of Beau

"This soothing paw cream works! It's all-natural and the pups love everything about it!" -Bronson Viszla

"I've always wanted to put some soothing balm on Xena's rough, crusty paws. The results were simply amazing" -Xena, Vega, Vesta 

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