All Natural Bed Deodorizer

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All natural bed deodorizer to clean up that stinky smelly bed. We all know our pets bed tends to hold onto grime and stench that can stink up our whole house. While washing gets rid of the germs and dirt it wears out the material quickly. Our solution to all of these problems is our bed deodorizer. Just a few sprinkles on the bed and your space will be smelling fresh and clean. 

Barkley & Pawsh Bed Deodorizer addresses these common issues: 
- Smelly Bed
- Dirt
- Stains 
- Spills 

Powder- Spreads across the surface and soaks up the mess easily
Calming- Scents for soothing stress and anxiety
Natural Cleaning- Absorbs grime, dirt, and smell without harmful chemicals

We only want the best for your pup pal, so we never add in any ingredient that may be harmful or unhealthy for them. We craft our bed deodorizer with only the highest quality nutrients so your pet's bed stays cleaner longer. Our never ending search for all-natural and pure components is sure to keep your pooch all snuggled up and snoozing soundly in their bed. 

Begin by sprinkling a small amount onto your pet's bed. Spread the mixture around the entire area. Allow it to sit for 3-5 minutes depending on the soil level. Remove by vacuuming out the excess. Repeat the steps as frequently as needed.