Snout & Paw Balm

Q: My dog licked off the snout balm, is he going to be ok?

A: YES! Our balms are all-natural, and completely harmless if ingested. Although for effectively treating a dry snout we recommend allowing the balm to absorb into the snout for a few minutes. 

Q: Why does the Paw Balm act as a moisturizer and a barrier?

A: Our Paw Balm moisturizes dry and cracked paws. It heals the most tender of puppy paws. It acts as a barrier to the paw by giving it a layer of moisture to keep the paw from getting dry and cracked again. 

Q: How often do we need to apply the Paw Balm or Snout Balm? 

A: We recommend once a day to keep their snout and paws nice and moisturized, but you can apply it as you see needed even if it's multiple times a day! 

Q: Why is the Snout Balm in a smaller container and the Paw Balm in a larger container?

A: This is for the ease of the dog owner to apply the balm to either the snout or paw. While the ingredients are also different to cater to you pup's paw and snout the container is small for the Snout Balm because it is easier to apply straight to the snout without the need of your fingers (unless of course you would like to rub it on with your fingers). The Paw Balm is in a larger container to make it easier to apply the balm straight from the jar onto the paw. 


Q: My shampoo seems to be separating is that normal?

A: Yes! We use all-natural products which means they might separate a little if the bottle sits for long enough. Give your bottle a little shake and you'll be ready to suds up your pup. 

Q: How much do I need to use?

A: The amount you will need to use will vary on a few different factors. It will depend on the type of fur, size of the dog, cleanliness of the fur, etc. We recommend experimenting with how much you need to get some good lather. Scrub a dub! 

Q: My dog has really sensitive skin. Is this shampoo going to work for them? 

A: This shampoo will be perfect for your pal! With moisturizing elements in the shampoo their skin will love this cleanser! The best thing about this shampoo is that it works for dogs with all skin types.


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