Doggie Spotlight Info

Want your pup in our Doggie Spotlight?

We're so glad you and your dog pal love our products! Now you want your dog to be a spotlight for your favorite dog care company. Here's what you'll need to do. 

- A portrait photo of your dog with the product of your choice. 
- Portrait must be high-quality, high-resolution, with good lighting
- A small paragraph written in the point-of-view of your dog describing why they like the product and little about themselves. 
-Your handle bar/username for Instagram (if applicable we would love to give you credit)

Once you have gathered all of these items please email them to with the subject reading Doggie Spotlight.

Please understand we get many requests for Doggie Spotlight candidates. We will respond to you when we can. Please continue to check our website to see if your K9 friend has made the spotlight section. Here is a tip to improve your chances of being selected: after emailing us all the info above, tag us on instagram (@barkleyandpawsh) in the same photo you sent us! Good luck - #LiveLifeOffLeash

Spotlight Hall of Fame