Hall of Fame

Achieving the Barkley and Pawsh "Doggy Spotlight" title is a coveted spot and we set high standards for our selection process. Here are some of the special pups that made the cut. Be sure to visit and follow them on Instagram. If you would like to have your dog featured in our doggy spotlight, please read our guidelines.


Awoo, my name is Dante, I am a one-year-old husky and as you can guess I love to explore and have a lot of energy to do so. I was born and raised in NYC, I have loved visiting all of its different parts and more importantly its seasons, from digging in the snow to running in the sand.

My favorite things to do are hiking with my pet parents, and running with my partners in crime at the dog park. This paw balm has been able to keep up with my busy days and protect my paws for when I play too rough. I look forward to my soothing massage after a fun day. I have used this paw balm since I was a pup so my paws are always smooth. This paw balm smells so good and it’s all natural, mom doesn’t get mad when I get a lick or two… or three.



Hi there! My name is Kyzer. I am a Siberian husky living in Oregon. As many of you know it’s a state of rain, rain and more rain! My human and I love to go on adventures whenever we can! When it’s not raining we still love to find water - which isn’t hard in the PNW.

With all this time in the water and outdoors I can build up quite the stink! Barkley and Pawsh shampoo ALWAYS leaves me incredibly soft and shiny! Not to mention the wonderful smell. We also love that it’s also a natural bug repellant which is a win win for us! I would recommend this product to anyone!



Hi! My name is Waffle and I'm a 2 year old female Golden Retriever from little Rhode Island. My daddy surprised my mommy two years ago with me and a tag on my collar saying, "will you marry me?" Yes, I'm a proposal pup! My pawrents got married in August 2019 and I was there too, of course.

Our house is surrounded by woods, and we love to go on long walks and hikes together - which means lots of bugs! My pawrents love to use the Bug Blocker to keep me safe from itchy bugs! They also love the fact that it's Environmentally Safe, Cruelty Free AND Made in the USA! I also really enjoy when they massage the Paw Balm into the bottom of my feets.

My auntie Ellie is a rescue lab mix, and she recently has been struggling with a dry nose! I surprised her with the Snout Balm and she's been super happy, especially since it's so easy to apply!

Thanks so much Barkley & Pawsh for your great, all-natural, dog-loving products!



Hi y’all! Marley’s Barkley here, but you can call me Marley. I’m a rescue dog that is now living the life of adventure with my mom in the great PNW!

If you know anything about the PNW, you know that means it’s green, luscious, and it rains A LOT. Which means MUD. I have a white coat and my mom wishes I didn’t like mud as much as I do, but it’s just so fun to get dirty on our hikes! A little mud never hurt anyone :). This is why my mom and I love the dog wash! It gets all that mud off of my white fur, and makes me shiny, soft, and all clean again! I refuse to let my mom use anything else on my gorgeous fur!



Hey y'all!! Gracie here, or better known as crazy-Gracie by my hoomans! I'm a super mutt living it up in the southeast USA with my two sisters, Annie & Gypsy.

We absolutely love hiking and going on awesome adventures on the lake, up a mountain, or through the woods. Sadly, all the fun outdoor activities come with gross bugs. They're everywhere, and can really put a damper on our epic adventures!That's why my mom uses Bug Blocker. It's super handy and sprays on easy to repel those annoying flies, gnats, mosquitoes and all the creepy crawlers like ticks, fleas, and ants. Plus, it's made with all natural ingredients my mom can actually pronounce! So no harmful gunk on our sensitive coats!! It smells great too....at least that's what mom says, I think treats smell better.

Thanks to Barkley & Pawsh, we can now explore bug-free, leaving us more time to focus on who can get the muddiest first!!


Hi! My my name is Nellie Jane! I am a female labrador mix and I just celebrated my 7th birthday! I am a rescue dog who lives with my two German Shepherd brothers, Hank and Bandit. I love hiking, swimming and agility! I also think that tennis balls are the best thing ever invented. My little pink nose is sensitive and sometimes needs a some extra care to stay nice and soft. My mom uses the Barkley & Pawsh Snout Balm to keep my nose feeling great! She loves how good it smells too. In fact it smells SO good that I could eat it, but luckily for me it soaks in quickly to leave my nose feel great without me licking it off! She feeds me a treat while it dries, and I just love that. My mom also loves that the Barkley & Pawsh products are all natural. She tries to use natural products in our house, so these are a great addition! 

The Snout Balm keeps my sniffer hydrated and soft so I can keep playing and enjoying the sunshine!
Happy Sniffing! - Nellie Jane


Hello everyone, my name is Ego. I'm a Border Collie and we're known to be one of the most active breeds. I love to hike and run with my friends so it's important that I keep my paws in tip-top shape.

I especially love Barkley and Pawsh Paw Balm because it's not greasy like other formulas I've tried and it smells nice and fresh. Not only does it protect my feet against the cold winters we have here in Minnesota, but the coconut oil conditions and leaves my feet ready to take on whatever adventure lies ahead.
Endeavors of ego Doggy Spotlight


Hi friends! It's Lily here. Old English Sheepdogs are a rather uncommon breed to see walking down the street these days. I always get stopped by people on my daily walks, and I won't lie, I love the attention!
I get asked and messaged all the time about how I maintain my luxurious coat. As much as I wish I was able to get out of bed looking the way I do, it's just not the case. Being a sheepie is hard, guys! How do I do it? Well mom does all the work. Lots of brushing and bathing! She cares more about the products she uses on my hair than she does for herself! She absolutely loves Barkley and Pawsh's All-Natural Dog Wash. It has oatmeal and coconut oil that leaves my skin and hair feeling healthy, and smells heavenly! It also has a natural repellent, which is just the cherry on top, because bugs easily get caught in my floof!


Hello furrriends! Koda here. I might seem like a cute little ball of fluff, but I'm such an adventure seeker. Unfortunately, after long walks, hikes, and other activities, my paws get really rough and dry. The hoomans were looking all over for a soothing paw balm that would take care of the dryness. That's when we found Barkley & Pawsh Paw Balm! Not only does it make my paw pads feel silly smooth, but it smells amazing. Luckily for me, it's ALL natural, so I'm able to get a few licks of it. I can't keep my paws off this product... literally! 🐾


Hi guys! It's Coraline! Most of my time is spent trying out new outfits, posing for photos, and taking naps. When my parents said they got me a nose balm, I thought to myself "Oh no! Not another beauty product."
To my surprise, this Nose Balm was simple to apply and kept my nose moist and protected!
Any nose balm that takes seconds to apply and keeps me looking pretty for the camera gets 2 paws up!



Hey everyone! Beau Boxer here and I'm really excited to tell all of you about this shampoo. I used to get hives almost every time I had a bath. It made my bath time super uncomfortable. My humans got this Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo and now I never get hives! It is very soothing to my fur and skin, and keeps me really clean! Every dog needs this stuff!