About the Founder

Hello! I’m Hailey! Boxer lover, photographer, adventurer, and the founder of Barkley & Pawsh. I have always had a love for animals, especially dogs! Ever since I was little I wanted to be a veterinarian, but quickly realized my uneasiness with blood. I was determined to find another way to help animals.


My husband and I love adventuring and getting outdoors. We adopted a boxer together back in April 2015 (@Mr_Beau_Boxer). He is a ball of energy, but so loving and cuddly. After a while we noticed that baths were really uncomfortable for him. His skin dried out and got really flaky. We tried just about every “natural” shampoo we could find without luck of soothing his skin. We tried to limit how often we washed him, but found that the issue was the shampoo, not the frequency.  I started researching different ingredients that might help with soothing his skin. After months of research I combined the most soothing, all-natural ingredients to find something to aide my boxer’s sensitive skin. I wanted to give Beau the very best all natural shampoo possible, so I created a dog wash that doesn’t cut ANY corners and includes a full amount of the most important ingredients. The creation of this shampoo didn’t create Barkley & Pawsh though, that came later...


My husband was 26 years old when he was diagnosed with cancer. The medical bills quickly started rolling in. In an effort to create some extra income I decided to sell my shampoo to dog lovers like me who were concerned about harsh chemicals found in other products. I was really surprised at just how quickly the word spread! Barkley & Pawsh was born.

Highest quality all-natural dog care products at a price most people could afford is what I worked to achieve. A friend of ours had founded PoppyandPout.com, which offers all natural care products, but for humans! His customers love his products, and we asked for his input and suggestions to take Barkley & Pawsh from concept, to reality.

Fast forward to today, and our number of loyal followers has exploded! We have since introduced new products including snout and paw balms and care bundles. We have some exciting new products in the works and are always looking for new suggestions. Barkley & Pawsh was founded to meet the needs of my family in more ways than one - and we’d love to adopt you and your pup into that family too!