Top 10 Dog Names for 2020

Do you ever get stumped on naming your new pup? Maybe you are just looking for one that will never go out of style. We are here to help! We will be counting down the 10 most popular dog names to give you some help picking the perfect one for your pal. 

10. Buddy 

With dog being man's best friend it only makes sense that we would use Buddy as a top choice for a name. If it sounds familiar you might be thinking of Buddy from the movie Air Bud. 


9. Charlie

Charlie means free. If you have a wild spirit maybe the name Charlie is for you! Charlie can also come in the more sophisticated name of Charles if you are looking for a suit and tie effect. 


8. Molly

Molly has been popular for some time now. It just seems to fit every type of personality a doggo has. The name Molly means "wished for" so save it for that special one in your family. 


7. Coco

Coco came from the name of a flower and means pure. Most pups with the name Coco are brown in color just like chocolate, but we think it would be a sweet name for any color dog.


6. Lola

We have seen Lola dogs in all shapes, sizes, and colors. This just tells us it is a well rounded perfect name for any pupper out there! 


5. Daisy

These pups usually have sweet and loving personality. They tend to be on the quieter side as well. Just like the flower they are beautiful. 


4. Lucy

If you love spoiling your fur friend then Lucy is the name for you. This sweet name has also been associated with those doggos who are excellent problem solvers. 


3. Luna

Luna means moon and it is said that they draw their outgoing, eager to please personality from the moon itself. 


2. Max

Max is one of those names you hear frequently, but it just seems to work for so many dogs out there. The name itself means "great", so we know those pups are pretty fantastic. It can also come in different forms such as, Maximillion, Maxim, or Maxwell. 


1. Bella 

Is your fluff ball an Italian beauty? If so, then Bella is the name to go with. Ranking at number you really can't go wrong with this short and sweet name. 


Did your dog's name make the top ten list? Did their name fit the description of their personality? Let us know in the comments below! 

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