The Best Dog Friendly Vacations

Vacations are our favorite, but they are even better when we can take our sweet pup along. We've compiled the best dog friendly vacation spots that you can take in the United States. These are in no particular order which means they are all great spots. Take a road trip or a flight and have a blast. 

Bend, OR

Oregon is a very dog friendly state. Many of the people that live in Bend own pups and that makes the town perfect for a pet friendly vacation. There are many hiking trails, dog parks, and rivers that will give your fur friend the time of their life. You can even load them up in the canoe with you and float on down that beautiful river. What a place for some good ol' hooman pup bonding time. 


San Diego, CA

If you are a beach lover like we are then San Diego is the perfect place for you. San Diego has plenty of off-leash beaches and trails. Not to mention the original doggie beach which was the first official off leash beach in California and is a staple in the community. If you love the surfing scene there is a dog surfing competition in July that you won't want to miss. Don't forget to check out the restaurants that allow your furry friend to dine with you too.  


Austin, TX

Austin has great warm weather so their outside dining establishments are perfect for your pup. Along with their human menu they also have a menu for your doggo with some delectable treats to choose from. Feeling a little stressed? Think about unwinding with some doggie yoga with Austin Doga. When you are ready for a little frisbee or fun on the beach check out Red Bud Isle for their off leash dog park and water fun! 


Sanibel Island, FL

This sunny location is not only pet friendly, but family friendly. The perfect all around vacation for everyone. They have many beach front rental options that allow dogs at no extra charge. With the beach at your finger tips you'll be playing in the sun and sand all day. Almost all of the beaches are dog friendly too! If you need a break from sandy paws go for a drive through J.N. "Ding" National Wildlife Rescue where you can see various wildlife and the largest forest of mangrove trees. 


Portland, OR

We've circled back around to Oregon. We love this super dog friendly state! There are so many things to do with your pup in many of their different cities. With many beaches about an hour and half away you can get a feel for the city and the salty beach. Many of the hotels and vacation rentals are ready for your pet as well. Portland has a great farmers market that doggos love walking around in and meeting new people. 


Seattle, WA

Seattle is full of beautiful farmers markets, beachside walks, hikes, and outdoor art. Try out the many outdoor dining establishments that are made for your furry companion! The Washington Park Arboretum is a gorgeous place for a leisurely stroll or a beautiful float in a canoe. Give your pup a taste of that relaxing vacation life. 


Albuquerque, NM 

This is a city we would have never even thought of, but they are very dog loving. The humane society even hosted a class for the whole city so that every dog has the best "pet"-iquette when their owners take them to happy hour (no alcohol for those fur balls though). Every year in October there is also a balloon fiesta with many activities and beautiful balloons to look at. 



There are so many places in our own home towns that we might have not even explored. Hikes, restaurants, and parks that could be perfect for that special pup in your life. If you think your city isn't too dog friendly you could talk with an official and set up a dog event with other furry friends in you area. It would be a great way to introduce others to your pet and make a great new friend. 


There are so many wonderful vacations that you can embark on with your pup pal. We couldn't list them all, but if there is one we didn't find that is worth the trip let us know below. Now that you know the places that are dog friendly check out our packing list so you don't forget anything. 

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