Sweet Almond Oil

Organic Sweet Almond Oil (Prunus dulcis)

Sweet almond oil is the common name for prunus dulcis. The almond is known as the “King of Nuts” as well as the oil itself being very important. It is said that almonds can help improve brain function. The almond was given to rulers and dignitaries back in the day to help improve the brain function. There is bitter oil and sweet oil that comes from the nut and they each have their different benefits. The bitter oil comes when the nut is crushed or smashed releases a poisonous liquid in order to protect itself. 


Sweet Almond Oil Use for Dogs 

Sweet almond oil is usually used as a carrier oil for other essential oils found in dog care products. This oil is very beneficial if your pup has dry and itchy skin. Using it directly or within another product should provide your dog with instant relief. It should also help your dog's skin continue to heal so that it is not dry anymore. The best time to treat your dog with jojoba oil is right before bed so it can soak in all night while your fur friend rests. 

How Sweet Almond Oil is Made

The sweet almond oil comes from the only sweet almond which you can also eat. It blooms beautiful white flowers. The oil itself comes from the dried up kernels of the almond tree.

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