All About Shea Butter

Shea Butter (Vitellaria paradoxa)

Shea butter is the common name for Vitellaria Paradoxa. Shea butter is fat that comes from the nut of a shea tree. It is usually ivory in color, but as it is processed more it becomes more white instead. Shea butter is used in lotions, creams, and is edible as well. The shea tree most commonly grows in the savannah of wild Africa, but can be found in about 21 parts of the country of Africa. 

Shea butter is easily melted at regular body temperature and soaks into the skin returning moisture and fatty components to the skin. This cream has many uses such as, a cooking oil, hair cream, and many other great uses. 


Shea Butter Use for Dogs

Since shea butter is edible it is very safe for doggos. If they eat it, lick it, or smell it the butter will not be harmful to them. Just like humans use shea butter for cracked elbows, dry hands, or hair: a dog also benefits from using it for dry and cracked paws and snout. If you find that your dog has dry spots on the skin or dry fur shea butter can help soothe and heal those troubled areas. 

Shea butter has great fatty acids and vitamins that can penetrate the skin deeply to heal and help promote healthy skin, paws, snout. Shea butter also acts as a barrier between your pets paws and the environment. Barkley & Pawsh makes a great calming and soothing paw and snout balm using shea butter as a main ingredient. 

How Shea Butter is Made

The shea nut is only found in Africa so it isn’t as easily found as some might think. The nut has two seeds inside of it that are removed and must be dried and pounded into a powder. Once it is pounded it is ready to be boiled which allows the nut to release the fat to the top of the water that makes up the shea butter. 

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