Information on Microchipping Your Pup

A pet microchip refers to a very tiny computer chip that is nearly the size of a rice grain. The microchip has a unique code that contains your pet’s information such as, phone number and address of their owner. Microchipping your dog is a simple and fast process. The microchip is introduced under the dog’s skin, typically around the neck scruff, by use of a needle. This procedure is about the same as getting a vaccination. It takes just seconds to complete. 

You can check for your dog’s microchip utilizing a handheld automated device, known as a scanner. When you wave this over your dog’s neck, the scanner will identify the unique details held inside the microchip. You can visit your vet to access one of these scanners. 


Why you should get your dog microchipped

A computer chip is a permanent means of identification. Provided the information is kept updated, you can be contacted if your pet gets lost. If dogs are found roaming, they are taken by a local authority warden and kept for one week. If they are not claimed within that time frame your dog may be adopted out. When your microchipped dog gets lost and is collected by passers by or authorities, your contact information can be easily accessed through the chip, and you will be called to collect them instantly, even if their ID tag and Collar have fallen off. Keep in mind that the microchip is not a GPS device. It will not be able to tell you where your pet is, but once scanned your information will be accessed to contact you to let you know your pet has been found. 

With no identification that shows who the dog belongs to, it is hard for them to let you know that they have found your pet. After one week, your beloved pet can be taken through a rehoming charity, a rescue, or adopted by some other loving family. Without a microchip, the proper people have no means of reuniting the dogs with their owners, so they get them new homes instead. It is really crucial to keep your dog’s information updated, too. When your information on the chip is not current it makes it difficult to locate the correct owner. 


The price of microchipping a dog and where to get them microchipped

It costs around forty-five dollars to get your pupper microchipped by a vet. Ensure the individual who microchips your pet is proficient since your dog might suffer if the individual is not expertly trained. A licensed veterinarian will be great for the job. 

There are some charity pet organizations that chip pets free of charge. They do this to cut down on the number of stray dogs that are out and about. They want dogs to be in their homes just as much as their owners want them back. 

It is vitally important to ensure your dog is microchipped because you are far more likely to be reunited if they get lost. In case you move and have a change of name and address, never forget to update your dog’s information too. You can do this by getting in touch with the database that contains your dog’s information. According to which database you used to register your dog, you may be able to update details online or over the phone. The vet who helped you set up the microchip will be able to give you the steps you need to keep the information current and accurate. 


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