How to Make Your Dog an Instagram Influencer

When it comes to your dog, we know you are their single greatest fan. Growing their list of fans on Instagram however, can be time consuming and frustrating if not done right. We’ve worked with hundreds of popular Instagram dogs with tens of thousands of followers to compile this helpful list of insider tips to growing your pup’s Instagram following.

Image Quality

Cell phone pictures and technology are getting better and better. If you keep a steady hand, and adjust the focus point in the image so it improves lighting, then you can actually take some really high quality shots of your dog. Consider using a simple editor software either on your phone or computer before posting to Instagram. This can help brighten photos and enhance colors to be more eye catching. If your cell phone camera is less than optimal, consider purchasing a decent point and shoot camera or DSLR to help improve the overall quality of your photos without the need for much editing

Tips on Posing

Fun and interesting poses can make a huge impact on the amount of engagement you receive on a photo. Be patient with your dog, and teach them early the commands to “leave it” and “stay”. Knowing these commands and following them perfectly will make your task of capturing your creative ideas much easier. Try using a treat or a squeaker to keep their attention on the camera, then reward them when they have done what you wanted.

On the other hand, real-life photos of your dog just being who they are can also create some hilarious posts. Some of my favorite photos of my pups happen when I take my dog outside, let them run around, and just burn through hundreds of photos in my camera. Sure, half of them might be essentially duplicates… but then you start to capture the fleeting expressions that make you spit your drink across the room. Here is a photo I happened to capture of my Great Dane, Mowgli hunting my Boxer, Beau:


Be Spontaneous

Our dogs get into trouble, they jump at sounds, and they sometimes do things they shouldn’t. If your pup chews up their bed, rips up something around the house, or looks miserable during a bath, take a picture! This is where those “stay” and “leave it” commands can be especially helpful, so you don’t lose the perfect moment while you grab your camera. Also consider using props in these funny moments - put on a shower cap during their bath, or glasses and a backwards hat when they tear something up! #ThugLife

On the note of spontaneity, take your dog awesome places! Going to the park, or on hikes to cool destinations will not only make your photos way more “like” worthy, but will also make for a healthier pup and a healthier you.


Use Hashtags

Hashtags are essential to success of your dog on Instagram because they help your photo be seen by more eyes. Look at other instagram dog profiles that are doing well at gaining followers. Gather a list of popular and relevant dog hashtags and keep them in your phone notes. On every photo you post, place these into a comment in the photo you posted. Remember, just because a hashtag is popular doesn’t mean it’s necessarily relevant to your photo, so be smart here and use what best describes your photo and dog. Generally 10-15 hashtags is an acceptable limit for each photo.


Enter Giveaways

Don’t be afraid to enter giveaways. Even if you don’t win others might see your handle and go to your page. If you do win then your pup might end up featured on a popular page which can very quickly grow your following!

When your dog has grown their following to 300-500 followers consider doing your own giveaways.Reach out to companies and see if they would be willing to donate a product to your giveaway, and offer to feature them in your post. Another successful strategy is to team up with multiple dog accounts on a giveaway. If everyone participating tags the other profiles and pages then the overall number of potential followers will greatly increase.

Promote the products you are already buying

Getting free products from companies is awesome, but what is even more great is reviewing and giving a shout out to the products you buy. Take this from a business owner, we love this! We might even send you free product to continue doing reviews. Your pup’s followers are likely fellow dog owners who are also looking for great products. Your honest review is one of the most valuable things you can offer.

Offer to promote products from companies

Reach out to companies and offer to review their products to your followers. Reach out to a company you are actually interested in, and think might benefit your pup. This will make the review genuine and will help send the business some additional customers if you like the product. Many businesses on Instagram receive hundreds of requests to review products, so if you don’t hear back or the business says no don’t give up! Build up your following and get good engagement on your photos, this is the main factor businesses look at to determine if investing a free product in your pup is worth it.

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