How to Check for Ticks on a Dog

During the summer months many of us do some adventuring out in some heavily wooded areas. While it is fun to explore new places that usually means we come into contact with bugs that aren't necessarily our friends. Ticks are out in full swing and  sometimes they are hard to find on your pups furry body. Check out these ways to find ticks on your pooch. 

Check dark and damp areas:

  • Under the collar
  • Between the toes
  • Between the back legs
  • Around the tail
  • Around the eyelids
  • In or around the ears
  • Around genital areas


Using your hand gentle comb your fingers through their fur. If you feel a small bump part the fur and see if there is a brown, black, or grey-ish bug. Ticks can be the size of a small pinhead or as large as a grape. When looking you will probably only see the ticks body and legs. This is normal because they have bitten into the skin of your dog. 

Ticks love to hide in places they can't be found and since we don't think to check places like the underside of their tail or in between their toes ticks thrive in those areas. Often your dog may show you where they have a tick. They will chew or lick the affected area. 

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