10 Most Heroic Dogs in History

Our furry friends do many things everyday that make us happy. We might even consider them the hero of our day sometimes. There are many dogs in history that are known for their bravery and loyalty towards humans. They give selflessly and work hard to help those in need. Here are ten of the most heroic dogs in history. 

Smoky the Yorkshire Terrier

She may be small weighing only 4 pounds and standing in at 7 inches tall, but she had bravery in every inch of her. She was found abandoned during World War II and then backpacked through different battles and combat flights for two years. She was a source of entertainment for the soldiers and kept their spirits high during otherwise dark times. She shared rations with her owner and even ran through a small pipe with a needed telephone wire for an airbase. She was considered a hero for keeping the base running. There is even a statue of her located there. 


Laika the Space Dog

Laika was the very first animal to orbit the Earth. What special thing to be known for! She rode in the Sputnik 2 for the soviets. Her mission was to show that living things to could make it in space. Unfortunately, we did not know much about re-entering orbit and so Laika did not make it back to Earth. To honor her they made a small monument of a dog standing on a rocket. 


Appollo the German Shepherd

Appollo was on the scene 15 minutes after the Twin Towers fell. He was part of the search and rescue team to save those that were caught in the wreckage. Appollo was awarded the Dickin Medal on behalf of all search and rescue dogs that were involved in the 9/11 rescue team. 


Balto the Sled Dog 

Balto is famous because he led his team during the final leg to deliver the diphtheria medication to Nome, Alaska. The weather was difficult to navigate and very cold with temperatures hitting -23 degrees. 



When Togo was born his owners did not think he would amount to much, but they were very wrong. Togo was bold and brave with an instinct to run as much as he could. While many people credit Balto as the sole hero in delivering the diphtheria medication, Togo actually ran the longest and hardest part of the path to get the antitoxin to Nome in time. Togo and his musher Seppala traveled 260 miles in three days to retrieve the medication. 


Sargeant Stubby

Sargeant Stubby has been recognized as the most decorated war dog in history. Stubby comforted those that were injured and protected the battalion against mustard gas multiple times. He even held an enemy soldier by his pants until his comrades could come to take care of him. His ears were tuned into the whining sound of an incoming attack so he could warn his fellow soldiers to duck for cover. 


Mancs the Search and Rescue Dog

Mancs was part of the best team for earthquake search and rescue in Hungary. He was able to locate people trapped beneath the rubble. Not only was he able to find them he was able to indicate if the person was dead or alive and relay that to the human team members. Mancs received a reward after he passed away for 20 years of amazing service. 


Rags the Mixed Terrier

Rags was the U.S. 1st Infantry Division's official mascot for World War I. He warned his comrades about incoming attacks giving them plenty of time to take cover. He was also a messenger from headquarters to people on the front lines. Rags even assisted in the rescue of a battalion that was trapped because he was able to take a message from them to headquarters. 


Swansea Jack the Lifeguard

Swansea Jack was a black retriever with amazing swimming skills. He rescued 27 people in danger of drowning in the riverbanks of Swansea, Wales. 


Barry the Saint Bernard

Barry, like most Saint Bernards, was known for locating people lost in the mountains and bringing them back to safety. Barry is the most famous of his breed as he saved the lives of at least 40 people. There is a plaque in the cemetery that honors his life. 


Dogs are much too good to us. They have bigger hearts, give of themselves without thinking twice, and genuinely care about each of the people they come in contact with. The history of these brave dogs is nothing short of amazing!  

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