Dog Ear Cleaning Tips

Dogs require to be bathed routinely, their kennel cleaned, and proper grooming. Ear cleaning is part of grooming that prevents the dog from having recurring ear infections. Below are some reasons for how often you need to clean your dog’s ears, and the steps to be followed.

When to clean the ears safely

It is recommended that most dogs have their ears cleaned every month. This depends on the kind of activities your dog engages in as it may require more regular cleaning, especially for swimmers because more water flows into the ears. When cleaning the ears, it’s safer to use cotton balls than it is to use q-tips. Wipe only the areas you can see to prevent harming the eardrum.



• Ear cleaning solution (Talk with your vet about the solution that is safe to use.)

• Cotton balls or some gauze

• A towel

• Gloves

Steps to follow during ear cleaning

• Hold the dog

Do this to prevent any assault from the dog since it gets irritated during the process. Always ensure that the method used to restrain the dog gives good access to the ear. Usually laying them on their side with the help of a friend is the best way to achieve a good position. This saves time and makes it easy to carry on with the procedure.

Assemble the tools required

Have the tools needed within arms reach of where you are cleaning your pups ears. Doing this will help the process continue smoothly while ensuring you dog does not move the place you have put them.

Hold the dog's ear, move it away from the head, and move upward using one hand.

It enables one to have a better view of the ear canal and helps you to see if there is any infection or inflammation in the ear.

Fill the ear canal with the cleaning solution.

Fill the canal with the cleaning solution until you see it or with the recommended amount of drops provided by your veterinarian. Gently rub around the dog’s ear with the other hand to assist in dislodging of the wax buildup. Always ensure that your hands don’t get in the ear canal to prevent introducing infections.

• Place a towel over the ear.

This prevents splashing the fluid containing the debris from the ear to you or the surrounding area as the dog shakes its head. By allowing your pal to shake, they bring all the debris to the external canal and make it easy to remove the ear wax by wiping with a piece of cotton wool.

One may repeat the procedure in the same ear if the debris that has been shaken out is in large amounts. Once you are done with cleaning one ear, the same process is repeated in the other. Always make sure to chat with your vet to ensure you are following the recommended procedure.


When to see a vet

Seek veterinary services if one or more of the following occurs; foul smells coming from the ear, yellow or bloody discharge, when the dog lacks balance and is continuously shaking its ears, pus, reddened ear canal, and swollen eardrum.

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