A Packing Guide for Traveling with your Pup.

Traveling season is upon us and it can be even more fun when we get to take our fur friend on the adventure too. Although our pups might seem like low maintenance there are still some things we should bring on our trips for them. We've compiled a list of items that are must haves for your vacation, business trip, or even just a spontaneous adventure.


  • A Leash 
  • ID Tag with up to date phone number and address
  • Current vaccination record
  • Enough food for the entire trip
  • Drinkable water for your fur friend
  • A comfy blanket or their favorite chew toy
  • Car sickness medication (if needed)
  • Poop bags
  • Crate (if needed) 
  • Paw Balm or paw booties for adventuring
  • A doggie first aid kit

Now remember not every trip goes smoothly. Just have some patience and happy attitude and you'll be ready to hit the road. If you need some ideas for pet friendly travels check out our list here

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