2020 Howloween Costume Contest

It was our third annual Howloween Costume Contest this year and the results did not disappoint! Take a look at all of our entries. We have also attached their Instagram handles so you can follow them and their adventures.

First, we have our sweet Dorothy and her "brave lion". @Arrow_the_Golden brought the cuteness factor. I just hope they followed the yellow brick road all the way to the pile of candy at the end. 


Ruh Roh Raggy! @RunningwiththeMutts has the perfect color coat for a Scooby Doo look alike. I wonder what kind of monsters and ghouls they ran into while out trick or treating. 


 @Walter_Raleigh_Hiking is ready for those dinosaurs, or is he? IT specialist ready for action! Such a great costume. 


Lions, tigers, and bears! Oh my! @AnnietheGreatCollie got that perfect golden light for this photo. She also looks like the best lion. That mane blends right in. 


@HyperIntelligentMolly posing in an adorable good witch costume. That smile says it all. No bad spells here only good helpful spells from this sweet fluff ball. 


The Addams Family! @FatBoi.Chronicles captured the feeling of Howloween perfectly. The lighting, black and white photo, and those clothes. Peep that wig. This whole photo just screams spooky!


@AdventureDogStella is rocking that gnome outfit. Running out in the hills without a care in the world. Such a sweet pupper embracing the Howloween spirit. 

Barkley-and-Pawsh- Gnome

Last but not least we have our winner. @ScoutsKloset nailed this photo of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The costume and all of the props make this a great setup. Congratulations to our winner! 


2020 was a great year for costume entries and we loved the effort and imagination that was put into each photo. We can't wait for next years contest. If you are interested in hosting with us shoot us an email: Woof@BarkleyandPawsh.com

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